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i.Net flat top speaker

Model: G850-Inline

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Lencore's i.Net Flat Top is the perfect way to add powerful sound to any environment. The Lencore Flat Top provides speech privacy in home offices, small waiting areas, under floor partitions and locations where it is difficult to install sound masking. It helps create speech privacy by generating a comfortable background sound. <BR><BR>Each Flat Top includes two self-contained speakers and a compact, lightweight, metal enclosure that is available when a portable solution for speech privacy is desired. The unit instantly mounts to any flat surface. The Lencore Flat Top can be uniquely adjusted to suit a variety of room conditions by making adjustments to the amplitude and spectra shapes. Adjustments can be made in increments of +/- 1/2 dB. <BR><BR>The inline speaker option also provides an additional volume control with an attenuator conveniently located next to the connectors. 0 to -12 dB adjustments can be made with a flathead screwdriver. <BR><BR>In addition, the system has the adjustment capability to provide acoustical comfort to successfully mask intrusive speech to meet ASTM E-1130 standards for speech privacy and sound uniformity. The Lencore Flat Top is a complete sound masking system that includes everything you need to add great sound and speech privacy to your office or home environment. <BR>TYPICAL APPLICATIONS FOR THIS SERIES <BR>For use in underfloor systems. All Lencore Sound Masking Systems are custom designed to fit a variety of site conditions and applications in: <BR>Open Plan <BR>Closed Plan <BR>Retrofit <BR>New Construction

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