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IR Touch Pad Controller, Wall Plate, RJ45

Model: G41

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The IR Touch Pad Controller provides wall access and immediate adjustments for the System. The Touch Pad option is often chosen for spaces such as conference rooms and board rooms, or any area where individualized and on-going adjustments are desired. Located on the wall plate used for the Touch Pad is an LED light indicator that identifies the current function of the system that is being adjusted. The system functions that can be adjusted are masking and music. To use the Touch Pad use the left and right arrow keys in the center of the pad to select the function types (masking, music, test, IR/ALL) that you wish to adjust. Once the system function is selected, use the up and down arrows to make increases or decreases in the volume adjustments. To mute and unmute the system, simply press the Mute/Unmute button located at the bottom of the wall plate. The IR/All function enables end users to mute or unmute the masking, and music all at the same time. Touch pad wall plate can be attached to vertical surface with two screws. 

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