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Kramer audio-visual experiences power creativity, collaboration, and engagement. From signal management to advanced cloud-based communication, collaboration and control solutions, Kramer technology breaks down walls, bridges gaps, and makes people feel closer together even when they're far apart.

Model: WXA-H1/US(BAL)

Computer Graphics Video, HDMI & Stereo Audio Passive Wall Plate. WXA-H-D model supplied with DECORA® design frame.
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Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2021
So...did you notice? Lately, things have gone
a little crazy! Office? Vacation? School? Party? Family time?

It’s a hybrid world!

Say bye-bye to the human race and hello to the hybrid race!

We live in a Physi-Digi world where the office is the new off-site, the cloud is the new office, and communication is mission-critical.