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Aura Professional Home Office
Posted on Tuesday, January 5, 2021
With Aura, Professionals can now Re-imagine their Workspaces at Home: ClearOne Aura meets the market need for a complete suite of advanced audio and video conferencing solutions that deliver an enterprise-quality experience to replicate a professional collaboration space in a professional home-office environment.
Model: Versa™ 20 (Aura)
Model: Xceed™ BMA Room (Aura)
Model: CHAT 50 USB (Aura)
Model: UNITE 50 4K ePTZ Camera (Aura)
Model: UNITE 150 USB PTZ Camera (Aura)
Model: UNITE 200 PTZ Camera (Aura)
Model: Versa 150 (Aura)
Model: Versa 50 (Aura)
Model: Versa Pro 150 (Aura)
Model: Versa Pro 50 (Aura)
Model: Xceed BMA (Aura)