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Creativity CoLaboratory Charter (C3) Schools choose Optoma’s Premium Creative Touch Interactive Displays

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Creativity CoLaboratory Charter (C3) Schools choose Optoma’s Premium Creative Touch Interactive Displays
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C3 believes that learning should be fun and exciting and that students should be actively involved in their education. They want front of the classroom displays that are interactive, easy-to-use and can keep the students engaged during their rigorous STEAM curriculum.


At C3 every student gets a Chromebook. All of the Chromebooks are touchscreen and come with a stylus, which is important for their students as they are an arts integrated school. They added an Optoma interactive display in every single classroom including their art and music classes. This provides a great solution for interactive collaboration as students are able to project their presentations onto the Optoma displays and the students can then use the Optoma displays to interact with the entire classroom.


Each classroom has an Optoma interactive flat panel display and C3 students are now able to work on their Chromebooks and then easily share or mirror onto the Optoma display at the front of the classroom. Being able to articulate and present information to a class has become a standard, and the C3 students are able to do this easily with the use of the interactive displays.

The Challenge:

To get students involved in the learning process, C3 needed interactive displays for the front of their classrooms and the previous versions they had been using wer  not only difficult to maneuver in the classrooms, but difficult to use overall. C3 investigated several interactive displays before they discovered the ease-of-use and functionality of Optoma’s Creative Touch interactive flat panel displays. They decided on the Optoma displays because they are easy-to-use both for teachers as well as students and are loaded with intuitive features and functuality to enhance lessons.

The Solution:

With every C3 student having a touchscreen Chromebook with a stylus, it made perfect sense to use the Optoma interactive displays that have similar functionality. You can quickly and easily sync with Google Classroom, as the Optoma displays ship with Google Classroom single sign-on (SSO) support. “The Optoma interactive boards are very user friendly regardless if a teacher is using a MacBook or Chromebook or a PC,” said George Farmer, Superintendent for C3 School. “These devices are user friendly for our Chromebooks, for the students to connect. All of the teachers say they find that the features of the boards are very easy to use.” C3 also took advantage of the free training that Optoma offers. “One of the things that I learned as an early administrator, you just can’t throw technology at people and say here, here you go and expect them to figure it out.” Farmer added, “So year one, we used the Optoma training. It is optional for returning staff and it is mandatory for new staff.”

The Results:

With an Optoma interactive flat panel display in every classroom, C3 students are now able to be truly hands-on. Any work that students create on their Chromebooks can be easily shared onto the Optoma display at the front of the classroom. The students can then use the large Optoma displays to make their presentations or to interact with the current class lesson plan that they call Project Blocks. “Many times, when I go into one of our classrooms, the teacher is using the Optoma board,” said Farmer, “But then the students would start coming up to the board researching, trying to figure out ways to solve the current problem.”

Having the large Optoma displays that mirror the students Chromebooks helps the students to develop their fine motor skills, especially in their art classes. Students can use the included stylus on the large screen or use their fingers and the functionality is very similar to what they are used to on their Chromebooks. Overall it is a seamless transition from using their Chromebooks and then presenting on the big screen at the front of the room, whether it is one student using the Optoma display or several of them collaborating on a Project Block. It’s a true collaboration between the students and the teachers – everybody wins!

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