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Become a Formula 1 Racing Driver with Base Performance Simulators

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Become a Formula 1 Racing Driver with Base Performance Simulators
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Base Performance Simulators (BPS), led by three-time Le Mans winning Aston Martin factory driver Darren Turner, recently moved to new software with better graphics.

Robin Bailes, a simulator engineer for BPS, explains that "the projectors we had installed were not taking advantage of the new graphics; we knew that to move into the next generation, the projectors needed modernisation."


Robin told us, "We selected the ZH406ST laser projectors for several reasons.

"The colour accuracy and image quality are enhanced.

"The refresh rate is improved – these are 120Hz, as supposed to 60Hz. For driving simulation, this is of the utmost importance because the smoother you can make the visuals, the more natural it feels to drivers.

"Another significant upgrade was from bulb projection to laser.

"Overtime with bulb style projectors, you find that they grow dimmer, so you have to increase the brightness to get the same results which can wash out the image. With laser projectors, you don't have to worry about that."


The simulators have gone beyond the expectations of both BPS and its customers. They are realistic and great fun to drive.

Robin said: "We've been using them for a few months now and all the feedback has been positive.

"It's not necessarily what they do say, but rather what they don't say. Previously there would be feedback on improvements to the visual experience that we could make – we no longer receive feedback like this because everything is as it should be."

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