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With the lockdown easing and restrictions on outdoor gatherings slowly lifting, the manager of The Gedling Inn - still affectionately known as 'The Cheggo' by regulars from when it was previously The Chesterfield Arms, was faced with the challenge of adhering to social distancing guidelines whilst wanting to recreate the atmosphere of watching the match in the usually packed out pub.

Alex Newsome, store manager of Richer Sounds Nottingham, recommended an outdoor cinema - after all, what is better than enjoying a freshly-poured pint whilst soaking up some vitamin D and watching the latest sporting action?


Alex recommended Optoma's 7,500-lumen laser projector - the ZU720T.

This WUXGA resolution projector is the world's first in its class and forms part of Optoma's DuraCore laser range, which champions an industry-leading lifetime laser light source delivering a minimum of 30,000 hours of maintenance-free usage.

Featuring a dust-resistant optical engine that has been independently certified as IP5X, the projector is designed for continuous 24/7 operation - perfect for back to back outdoor sporting events and movie marathons.

Alex explained, "We had a shoot-out between an Optoma 5,000-lumen and the ZU720T 7,500-lumen projector. The extra lumens make all the difference, making it perfect for summer evenings.

"In time for the evening kick-off, the flexibility to tone down the brightness is also a great feature."

To combat ambient lighting, Sign Up Systems built housing to enclose the projector, the mammoth 20ft inflatable screen and the audio solution. The protective cover also doubles up as a stage for live music acts.

Alex said, "The epic size of the screen meant that an extra 30 tables could be put in while ensuring that everyone in the garden can get in on the action no matter where they are sat.

"It was also vital that the 6m deep stage could be used for other functions as it is a multi-purpose venue, well-known for showcasing the latest and greatest musical talents."


Alex exclaimed, "The outdoor cinema garden has gone down a treat.

"It's great publicity for the pub. They have sold-out events every Saturday since the installation, and the pre-sale tickets for the Euros have almost sold-out too!"

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