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MedtoMarket is disrupting traditional opaque and bureaucratic medical innovation by providing unique co-working spaces, lab resources, and event centers to innovators, entrepreneurs, and end users in the field of medicine. MedtoMarket goes beyond the typical operating room setup by providing a full-service ecosystem with access to leaders in the medical community, simulated operating rooms, and active learning spaces.


MedtoMarket is an emerging startup that services the various needs of the medical industry like never before. While the focus of the space is to provide a safe and clinical experience, it is also a place to demonstrate, work, and learn in a secure environment. MedtoMarket needed a technological solution that was flexible and could meet the needs of internal teams, invited guests, and medical professionals alike. MedtoMarket creates a seamless working environment where medical professionals can come and focus on their innovations rather than managing the technology around them. For system managers, accessibility is a huge factor. With Crestron, MedtoMarket can now provide their guests with infinite access to higher technological functionalities. MedtoMarket can control video broadcasts throughout the space to create the best experience for all parties.


DM® NVX generates video at a high-quality resolution without latency. With hands-on medical training, minimizing the latency of video is incredibly important as video can be distributed to all screens within the facility as well as remotely. This allows for full collaboration locally and with others around the world in real time. “We are training physicians on highly precise procedures that are incredibly difficult to teach and learn,” says Dr. Aaron Ali, CEO and Founder of MedtoMarket. “With Crestron technology, the surgeon and students are comfortably focused on the task at hand.”

The easy-to-use interface of a Crestron TSW touch screen was a perfect solution for the needs of MedtoMarket’s clients, providing them a professional environment that works efficiently for clients new to the facility. In addition, Crestron AirMedia® further alleviates the pain of AV connection problems as users can simply walk into the room and wirelessly present. For this project, MedtoMarket brought in a more advanced AV solution to create a system that was easy-to-use and highly adaptable. The technology in the space is critical for MedtoMarket to provide their clients with the resources to succeed and innovate.


The super facility allows for twenty different surgeries to occur at once. Therefore, a lead surgeon can conduct training while other surgeons can replicate the surgery as it is being performed. There are also glass walls at which observers can sit behind to see the techniques of the surgery. Their view is aided by cameras focused on the surgeon that provide greater details of the surgery on the massive displays throughout the space.

In medicine, clear image quality and reliable video distribution are both imperative. With DM NVX, MedtoMarket utilizes Crestron’s Pixel Perfect Technology to provide premier image quality and fine details at all times, which is a must in the field of medicine. The ability to ensure zero latency is extremely critical. When training other surgeons, the lead instructor must have real-time interaction or else it would negatively impact the quality of the course.

The conference rooms are set up for a seamless collaborative experience, allowing a variety of clients to utilize the spaces effectively without requiring them to have technology expertise. Clients are able to present using AirMedia without having to worry about connectivity issues.

Crestron technology provides MedtoMarket with a large advantage in the medical industry as many facilities utilize a traditional screen and speaker in a conference room. Needing to be more aggressive in what it demands from the technology, MedtoMarket has successfully differentiated itself from teaching hospitals and universities.


Crestron has provided MedtoMarket with a solution that seamlessly combines technology and medicine. With a flexible infrastructure, MedtoMarket can now expand its revolutionary model across the U.S. and across the globe.

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