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Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital

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Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital
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Offering the only Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation program in Utah, the Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital is a 172,000-square-ft facility focused on reimagining, reinventing, and rebuilding what’s possible. The state-of-the-art facility was carefully designed to offer a restorative and healing environment that helps improve patients’ functionality and accelerates recovery.


Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital’s mission is to preserve, enhance and restore the quality of life for people with disabling medical conditions. In order to provide patients and staff with a simple way to control their environment, it was important for Dr. Rosenbluth, Medical Director at University of Utah Health Sciences Center, and his team to implement new technology solutions throughout the facility that would deliver the best possible experience.


When treating patients with life altering injuries and conditions, the facility needed a sophisticated way to control their technology, with the ability to custom code applications to fit individualized needs. Working with BNA Consulting, the hospital created a customized program with a Crestron control system that can work through any input interface to give patients full control over their room.


Designed for optimal comfort, the Crestron control system at the hospital gives patients a greater sense of control, with the ability to adjust lighting, change their
entertainment sources, and even alter the position of their door. The system is easy-to-use and features multiple avenues for control so that patients are able to select the method that is most comfortable for them. With Crestron, all controls in the room can now be handled manually, using voice commands, or with their breath through a series of sips and puffs. The Sip and Puff is an assistive technology that allows the breath of patients to signal the control system and manage the technology throughout the room.

Crestron offers patients full control of their room, with Crestron lighting and shading, as well as the nurse call function, HVAC, and more. Beyond basic room controls, each room also includes an illuminated smartboard that gives patients the ability to control illumination levels throughout the day.

Designed to deliver an immersive environment, the facility also includes a 900-square-ft assisted tech room that features Crestron DigitalMedia ™ content distribution. The 98 inch display located on a movable wall can showcase various media sources and has the ability to route one large image or four separate images to the screen. The room is divided into two sides that are dedicated areas for research and innovation to better serve their patients. On one side, clinicians work with patients on home automation systems, wearable technology, and other interfaces. Meanwhile, the other side is reserved for the University staff to work on apps, web development, and other programming. A Crestron Surround Sound Processor is responsible for distributed audio in the space and a partition sensor indicates to the system to adjust the sound range according to the position of the divisible wall.


With Crestron, Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital is now equipped with an advanced system that is functional for their staff and empowers patients to accomplish more in their daily routines. “Our staff pushed for smart rooms in this new facility and Crestron helped deliver a system that impresses everyone who walks in,” says Dr. Rosenbluth. “The feedback from our patients has been overwhelmingly positive, reaffirming that we did our due diligence and research to create the best possible design and experience for them.”

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