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Traffic Control Center, Taipei, Taiwan - AV over IP and Monitoring System

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Traffic Control Center, Taipei, Taiwan - AV over IP and Monitoring System
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Traffic Control Center, Taipei, Taiwan - AV over IP and Monitoring System
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Road Traffic Control Centers are essential for the smooth-running of Traffic. To deliver an efficient service, managers face the issue of handling more and more surveillance cameras, PTZ cameras and live data feeds. Visualizing so many sources demands a flexible AV system which can display video in high quality and with minimal latency.  

The AV must also be able to monitor traffic reports from external agencies, including television news bulletins, so that Control Center personnel can assess emergent situations beyond the airport perimeter and make quick and informed decisions to deal with traffic jams and incidents.


The Traffic Control Centers adopted the Lumens OIP-D50 Series AV over IP system as the backbone for video transmission. This delivers long-distance transmission of 4K and HD signals and supports video monitoring across multiple rooms. The OIP Series supports output to the Control Center's 2x2 and 12x2 video walls and multiview displays in the operations center, as well as KVM control of the department's servers. With the OIP-D50C unit, managers have real-time control over signal routing and over the layout of each video wall. They also have the ability to scale a single source across multiple displays.  

Although the Control Center is principally designed for local traffic management, the facility is also used for training, incident reviews and as an emergency operations center. The AV over IP system has the flexibility to fulfill all these needs, by intelligently routing signals to various control, conference and training rooms, as required.  

Furthermore, as the traffic team's needs change and the number of cameras further increases, more OIP encoders and decoders can simply be added to the existing network without having to perform a major overhaul, or upgrade matrix switches at a significant cost.

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