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Sheyang Andersen Fairy Tale Playground large 3D mapping

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Sheyang Andersen Fairy Tale Playground large 3D mapping
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Sheyang Andersen Fairy Tale Playground, located in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, is a "national 4A-level" tourist attraction with a construction area of about 130,000m². In order to further enrich the playful theme and enhance the overall experience, a large-scale 3D mapping "Children's Dream World" was added in the "Emperor's New Clothes Castle Zone". It is a fusion of images and architecture, wonderfully presented by the Barco projectors.

Barco projection gets favored by rich experiences

After thorough screening of the scheme design and testing the projection effects, Sheyang Andersen Fairy Tale Playground chose the Barco UDX series projectors. Barco can provide the most suitable product solutions thanks to its top technology, brand familiarity, and rich international experience in large-scale projection shows and light festivals.

Twenty-five UDX-W32s transform the castle into a big screen showing the stories of The Emperor's New Clothes, the Little Match Girl, the Ugly Duckling and other classic Andersen fairy tales, immersing the audience into an innocent and joyous world.

Flexible and stable, the best choice for large-scale projection shows

The UDX series, present the pictures in the best way with high lumens and a wide color gamut. Compatible with the TLD+ series lenses, the lens shift range of Barco UDX series projectors can reach 130% up and down, which ensures the projected images are flexible and fit to accurately match with the walls, columns and windows of the castle. It realizes the perfect integration of animation and architecture.

Suitable for long-term operation, Barco's UDX series comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Plan and EU green standards. Under the same brightness level, the power consumption is significantly lower, which effectively reduces the overall cost. In addition, the Barco UDX features an integrated cooling system, which improves its stability and longevity. And thanks to its modular components, it can be quickly disassembled and replaced, helping clients reduce usage and maintenance costs.

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