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Optoma Short Throw Projectors Transform Restaurant Into Immersive Entertainment Venue

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Optoma Short Throw Projectors Transform Restaurant Into Immersive Entertainment Venue
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The Spot 625 Restaurant in Syracuse, N.Y. wanted to provide a completely immersive projection mapped dining experience within the restaurant’s space constraints. Ultra short throw projection was not viable due to the shadow casting while typical short throw projectors would not provide enough coverage for the walls and rooms. The restaurant owners turned to Ryan Lynch at Quantum Virtual Entertainment to design, install and setup the visual experience.


Optoma ProScene ZU606TST projectors were selected for their 6,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and 0.79:1 short throw ratio that provided the perfect coverage for Spot 625’s projection mapping and holographic vapor wall needs. Five ZU606TSTs were employed to project the holographic wall and down onto the dining table for a completely immersive dining experience.

The ZU606TST’s DuraCore technology with a laser light source, sealed IP6X-rated optical engine and up to 30,000 hours (Eco) of light source life ensures maintenance-free operation while maintaining optimal brightness without regressive decay, even when operating 24/7 and 360º or portrait mode operation. Vertical lens shift and four corner correction makes fine-tuning the image for projection mapping a breeze, too.


“We are blown away by the capabilities and unique concepts brought forth by Quantum Virtual Entertainment and their Optoma brand of choice. Our guests will be experiencing one of the most immersive dining environments in the world thanks to the vision and product development supplied by both QVE and Optoma,” said Greg Nies, owner of Spot 625. “We couldn’t be happier or more excited to open our doors in the Spring/Summer of 2021.”

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