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Optoma ProScene EH515 offers unique display solutions for Hawaii Events Unlimited

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Optoma ProScene EH515 offers unique display solutions for Hawaii Events Unlimited
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Optoma ProScene EH515 offers unique display solutions for Hawaii Events Unlimited


To enhance live event experiences through the creative use of projection innovation in entertainment venues large and small.


Using an ingenious combination of video, audio and projection technologies, including Optoma ProScene EH515 projectors, Hawaii Events Unlimited brings traditional entertainment venues to life.


Optoma EH515 projectors help boost live event experiences and power larger than life experiences.

The Challenge

Hawaii Events Unlimited, an events production company based in Oahu, Hawaii, was looking for an innovative projection solution to incorporate with its wide range of lighting and display applications used in live events. In addition to enhancing its visual capabilities, Marvin Ventura, Hawaii Events Unlimited Manager, wanted to introduce projection mapping services to help diversify the company’s offerings and provide clients with a unique display capability. To accommodate the wide variety of event spaces the company services, they needed a versatile and reliable projector that could project brilliantly on a variety of surfaces and produce bright images, regardless of ambient light.  

The Solution

Marvin identified Optoma as a leading brand in projection after seeing its projectors featured in a variety of innovative event applications across the U.S. After researching Optoma’s diverse line of projectors, as well as other competitive brands, he selected the versatile and bright Optoma ProScene EH515 projector as the ideal model that would best suit the company’s needs. Designed for professional installation environments, the projector features 5500 lumens, a large 1.8x zoom with vertical and horizontal lens shift and four corner geometric correction to tackle any installation challenge. Packed with helpful features, the Optoma EH515 simplified the installation process, allowing flawless image projection from any angle. Marvin commented, “The geometric four corner adjustment feature makes the set-up process so much easier. Without this option, we wouldn’t have as much flexibility for set up in different venues.” “The Optoma EH515 offers incredible brightness, multiple digital connection options and a variety of features to allow for easier installations, giving installers an additional advantage by offering the same high-end features of more expensive interchangeable lens projectors, but at a significantly lower price,” said Brian Soto, Head of Product Management at Optoma.

The Results

Equipped with the versatile Optoma EH515, Hawaii Events Unlimited successfully introduced projection mapping to its line of creative display services, making it the first events company in Hawaii to offer this unique display capability. The company has since developed new and creative ways to use projection mapping. For example, it introduced cake mapping for weddings, which allows them to project real-time photos and videos taken during wedding ceremonies onto a three-tiered replica cake for guests to view and enjoy at receptions. Innovative and imaginative, they recently featured their cake mapping service at a wedding convention where it was well received, garnering positive interest from brides and event attendees alike. Additionally, through the power of projection mapping, the company is now able to bring the beauty and magic of fireworks to every event by creating a projected fireworks display in indoor venues. At a recent wedding, Hawaii Events Unlimited recreated a couple’s engagement proposal, which originally occurred during an outdoor fireworks display. Using brilliant imagery from the EH515 and projection mapping, guests at the indoor wedding reception were able to take part in and enjoy a live reenactment of their special engagement moment. Marvin notes, “The Optoma EH515 is a reliable and flexible projector that works seamlessly with the projection mapping software we use for our services. We’re really pleased with the performance of Optoma projectors – they really are the best projector brand for the features and price.”  

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