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Digital Transformation In Classrooms With Optoma Interactive Flat Panel Display Solutions

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Digital Transformation In Classrooms With Optoma Interactive Flat Panel Display Solutions
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The Gymnasium Schönefeld school in Brandenburg was looking for an innovative technology that would make lessons more exciting, entertaining and digital for the students. In addition, the product had to be easy and intuitive to use so that the subject matter could be presented quickly. All displays also needed to be equipped with a plug-in PC for Windows applications.


The Managing Director of the installation company, Haupt®-IT-Systems GmbH in Dresden decided without hesitation in favour of the Optoma Creative Touch 5-Series interactive 86-inch flat panel display (IFPD). The Optoma 5861RK IFPD was selected as the best solution for installation due to its reliability, high-quality build and performance and interactive features - perfectly suited to the classroom set-up.

The simple and effective Optoma 5861RK IFPD met all expectations and perfectly matched the requirements of the Gymnasium Schönefeld school.

The premium IFPDs offer excellent connectivity for seamless collaboration in every classroom. With a slim, narrow-bezel and superior design, the IFPD can be seamlessly and discreetly integrated into any environment. The 1mm air gap provides natural touch functionality for a clear interactive writing experience with improved accuracy.


The Gymnasium Schönefeld school has digitized its lessons with the new Optoma Creative Touch 5-Series 86-inch premium interactive flat panel displays (IFPD). All 25 classrooms have been equipped with an Optoma multi-touch IFPD. The easy-to-use interactive displays provide advanced touch technology for a seamless experience - perfect for collaborative lessons.

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