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Fortune 1000 Beauty company poised to overcome Covid-19 setbacks with wireless conferencing

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Fortune 1000 Beauty company poised to overcome Covid-19 setbacks with wireless conferencing
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Roger, the Global Collaboration Leader at a global beauty and cosmetics company, is not one to be relegated behind a desk. More likely, he can be found walking the 4 floors of his New York office interacting firsthand with his colleagues to identify solutions to help them work and collaborate better.

Before the virus, his global office collaboration strategy relied heavily on ClickShare wireless presentation for simple and effective in room content sharing and interactivity. Now things were very different. Meeting rooms in the future would need to better accommodate and enable remote participants.    This new hybrid reality prompted Roger to create a new plan for his company where he would convert every single meeting room and huddle space into remote-ready video conferencing rooms to keep his teams connected worldwide. “When you walk into a ClickShare Conference room, you can simply plug in the Button and it’s gonna work, regardless of the UCC client you have on your laptop” 

Discovering ClickShare Conference

Given the reliability and success he experienced with ClickShare, he couldn’t wait to put ClickShare Conference to the test. With this new solution, Roger was able to experience how remote and in-office employees seamlessly collaborate as if they were sitting face-to-face. The triple agnostic characteristics allow meeting participants to join conferences with their laptop or desktop, and instantly connect to a meeting room’s peripherals (speakers, microphone and cameras) while freely using any meeting platform: Zoom, Lifesize, Microsoft Teams, etc.

After several weeks of using the ClickShare Conference CX-30 device, he had plenty to say. While most enterprise-level video conferencing solutions take several hours to setup a single meeting room, he’s confident ClickShare Conference can be installed within an hour, and much of that is testing and branding the units. Roger emphasized how much he “loved” the mounting brackets that were included for discreet, yet convenient placement and easy serviceability. 

As of now, his global business uses Microsoft Office Teams for video conferencing. It’s a great platform for internal communications, but without ClickShare Conference, it has its shortcomings. He explained that before he had ClickShare Conference, he was forced to use only audio in his conference rooms if a client setup the meeting with Zoom.

That’s why he found ClickShare Conference to be so novel. It doesn’t just solve real problems; it simplifies and improves the way he works with colleagues and clients. It allows him to seamlessly collaborate, converse, and focus on his daily tasks, instead of getting tangled up in a bunch of different platforms and HDMI cords. After all, most of us aren’t IT experts. Hence the creation of Barco ClickShare.

“I don't have to tie-wrap anything on a monitor mount and have it dangling there, the antennas are unaligned…”

Not only is it a smart, simple, and user-friendly solution that delivers a better way to facilitate collaboration, it also supports his need to manage a global installation like this.  Every ClickShare Conference purchase includes Barco’s SmartCare package; a 5-year hardware guarantee with no unexpected replacement costs for extra peace of mind. It also includes a 5-year analytics and insights subscription via XMS Cloud, as well as free software updates. For someone who has countless Barco products already, the ClickShare Conference’s backend management was of the utmost importance to him. Roger was pleased to find how easy it was for him to see and manage his complete environment of Barco products.

So, what’s his verdict after several weeks of use? All in all, he thinks ClickShare Conference couldn’t be more relevant or valuable as we adjust to a new way of working together. It streamlines the remote meeting process, provides a more efficient way to collaborate, and gives participants the freedom to use whatever video conference platform they prefer. That’s the convenience of ClickShare Conference. It’s an easy-to-use, futureproof solution to help business take on the new normal and regain control. Or, as our tech-savvy, straight-talking client from New York would say, “You guys got a killer product.”


Product: ClickShare Conference CX-30

Easy Installation: drastically reduced setup time from hours to minutes

Mounting Brackets: included for discreet and convenient placement with easy serviceability

Universal Collaboration: works with any video or audio conferencing solution

Global Management: remote management and analytics included with 5-year guarantee

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