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AVPro Edge Cloud 9 2020 Case Study

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AVPro Edge Cloud 9 2020 Case Study
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AVPro Edge Cloud 9 2020 Case Study

Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and so many other sporting events are what bring people out of their homes to enjoy time around other fans watching their favorite teams play. Providing that ideal setting for people is what a sports bar was built to do. In this Case Study, we show how Deuces Sports Bar and Grill was transformed into a place any sports fan will be excited to visit.


Deuces Sports Bar and Grill, located on the outskirts of Chicago, is not lacking in sports fans. With the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, and the Fire all located in Chicago, there is always a game on! Deuces Sports Bar and Grill worked with Dave Mackiney from GKD Technologies to implement a system that can distribute video sources throughout the 11 displays completely independently of each other throughout this relatively small space. Dave consulted with his trusted partner, AWA reps as to what the best solution for the job would be. After hearing the ins and outs of the installation, AWA recommended AVPro Edge as the distribution backbone, specifically its instant switching Cloud 9 Matrix and Multi-Viewer, an ideal compact sports bar solution. Using this switch, Dave would be able to make the most of the space, be very mindful of where he placed the displays, and create an ideal place to watch sports, with limited square footage.

Dave is a fan of setting up an easy to use control system on an iPad. That way, any bartender, wait staff or host can change the games around as their customers request it. Dave knew that AVPro Edge offers a robust API for all our matrix switchers and plenty of 3rd party control drivers available on Precisely what an integrator needs to set-up an easy to use system for their clients.


GKD Technologies has previously used AVPro Edge distribution products in their installations. Dave Mackiney had this to say about selecting an AVPro Edge solution, “The product works great and when we do experience the minor hiccups that come with EDID management, scaling, etc. the support staff has been second to none.”

GKD Technologies and AWA reps knew that Deuces Sports Bar and Grill needed the ability to put multiple images on a single display, as well as potentially expand the system. The Cloud 9 can be cascaded for expansion without having to remove any part of the existing system and has four source and nine source multi-view options.

Cloud 9 distributes the audio/video signal via Category cable using HDBaseT technology. HDBaseT is a trusted technology that takes the standard cable used in networking and repurposes it for high bandwidth uncompressed video distribution. Now you can send that video signal around the entire building, hiding the wires in the wall or the ceiling.


GKD outdid themselves with an ultra-clean installation. All the sources and the 9x9 matrix switcher are hidden away, without a single wire visible throughout the bar. Deuces Sports Bar and Grill can show multiple sources on any of its 11 displays and can instantly switch between any of the sources to any of the connected displays. The job was completed in March 2020. Dave from GKD Technologies has this to say about the finish,

“This job was absolutely plug and play; we used an RTI Control system with the Cloud 9 control Driver to give the client a simple user interface anyone could use.”

Now whether a Bears, Bulls or Blackhawks fan, there is a place with clean, uncompressed sports action just outside of Chicago.

When we followed up with GKD Technologies recently, they had great news. Deuces Sports Bar and Grill had purchased the space next door and would be expanding, looks like installing an expandable system was the right choice!

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