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Kramer Electronics Products Weather the Weather at Toledo TV Station

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Kramer Electronics Products Weather the Weather at Toledo TV Station
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Kramer Electronics Products Weather the Weather at Toledo TV Station

Kramer Electronics products are weathering the weather at a local television station. The Kramer 711N and 712N twisted pair transmitter and receiver combination are being used to send audio and  video from outdoors back to the studio during live weather reports. 

The station installed an outdoor weather patio for live broadcasts. There were numerous challenges in the patio’s design, including cost-effectiveness and getting the audio and video back into the studio with minimum cables. The Kramer products offered a cost-effective solution and provided a high quality signal without the loss of video. 

Because the studio is in a 10-story building, the cable run was over 400 feet long. The outdoor installation and length of cable run made a fiber optic solution impractical. In addition, the building’s commercial nature also required plenum-grade cable. The solution: video over CAT5 using the Kramer 711N and 712N combination, along with a microphone leveler. The 711N transmitter converts composite video and stereo audio from the outdoor location to a twisted pair signal and the 712N receiver converts the twisted pair signal back into composite video and stereo audio. The audio and video signals are sent back into the studio to the broadcast console.

 The station created a weatherproof enclosure for the product, which is housed on a portable cart, along with other necessary equipment for the patio broadcast. A voltage regulator allows the 12V power requirement of the Kramer product to work with the microphone’s 24V DC requirement. The entire cart is transported to and from the weather patio for two live broadcasts each day.

Wind or sleet, rain or shine, Kramer twisted pair transmitters and receivers weather the weather right along with the local weather reporter.

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