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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College chooses Barco technology for its efficiency and adaptability

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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College chooses Barco technology for its efficiency and adaptability
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Located in the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College (OLSH) is a secondary Catholic college that has been educating and encouraging girls grades 7-12.

For the past 80 years, ‘Believe and Achieve’ has been at the heart of OLSH’s vision and to continue to aspire to this, they were looking to improve classroom technology, both for the teachers and the students. Prior to the installation of Barco’s wePresent and ClickShare, there were no wireless projection solutions in the college. Barco provided a simple solution that allowed staff, students and guests to seamlessly connect to screens and projectors.

To empower their students and remain at the forefront of innovative and collaborative learning, OLSH needed to resolve the issue of multiple devices being used in classrooms for a singular purpose. To share any aspect of the classroom electronically, be it knowledge, data, research, images, or reports, a concerted undertaking was required.

Fixed cables were the staple of each classroom and limited teachers to the front of the classroom near the AV plate. Sharing USB’s limited the number of devices connected or sharing information. Students also had to embark on the cumbersome task of going to the front of the room and individually connecting their personal device in order to share their projects with the classroom. Not all devices were compatible or reliable. 

Singular solution improves classroom active learning

While the problems presented were multiple, the solution was singular. By installing wePresent in a classroom, and ClickShare in a meeting room, every person could share any element of information from any location in that room from any device.

However, incorporating new technology across the college could require a learning curve that many didn’t have the time or interest in overcoming. Technology was needed to improve a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to teach, not create more work for the staff or detract additional time from classwork. Again, Barco provided a winning product that was met with resounding positivity. The ongoing installation will eventually provide the entire college with over 65 devices in every single one of its classrooms, meeting spaces and public spaces so that the education can remain exciting and accessible.

Clear, shared classroom communication

“Our classrooms are able to be more interactive and unlimited because of technology, instead of hampered by it. Allowing our students to engage and share their own knowledge and understanding with each other in such an easy way is in line with our school’s goal of educating students in a vibrant, supportive setting,” states Anne O’Loughlin, Principal of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College.

Barco is looking forward to installing the remainder of the wePresent and ClickShare devices at OLSH. “To provide this higher learning institution with additional tools that help foster education and knowledge sharing has us thrilled. To see our products be used and applied so effortlessly and to such resounding positivity is satisfying on many levels,” said Liesl Flourie, Australia and New Zealand Distributor, Barco.

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